How Can Massage Therapy Help You In Getting Rid of Lower Back Pain

Your lower back has been giving you issues for a long time. Chiropractor visits may not give you any relief and muscle relaxants can cause issues like possible drowsiness. Physical therapy is an option, but it depends on your insurance, since you might be limited in the number of visits.

There is another possible option: massage therapy. More and more people are choosing this as a way to handle their lower-back issues. What can it do for you?

What Are The Benefits?

This is one of the first things that people want to know before they make their first appointment at a massage therapist. Fortunately, we have several of them to list here:

  • You will have improved blood circulation – Do you have sore muscles after exercise or physical activity? The massage will help you recover from that much faster than if you just stretch.
  • You will have a better range of motion: Since the massage will relax your muscles, it will allow you to move them around more freely. Also, this a great option if you are suffering from insomnia
  • You will have higher endorphin levels – If you have chronic pain, massage is great at helping you feel better since it releases endorphins.

FInding The Place

So, if you are on the fence about massage therapy for your lower back, hopefully this might nudge you to at least give it a shot. A skilled massage therapist at a reputable place could do wonders to restore your range of motion and ease of walking around. How do you find one of those places?

There are several things you can do – talk to family and friends and see if they have any recommendations. If not, you could look around the area or if you see any signs while out driving or walking. Finally, you could look online – just be sure to use well-known review sites.

Once you have found the place, get ready for the appointment. Make sure you have any necessary paperwork and wear comfortable clothes. Then go to your appointment.

What Massage Would Work Best For Lower Back Pain?

Did you strain your lower back muscles? The best solution for you might be to have neuromuscular massage therapy. What exactly happens when you have this type of massage?

Your massage therapist will see where the muscles might be spasming … and then put pressure on those areas. They will use their fingers, knuckles, or elbow to put that consistent pressure on the area. You will feel that pressure for anywhere between 10-30 seconds.

When they first touch that spasming muscle, it will likely feel painful to you. That is normal since the muscle is not getting enough blood flow … and ultimately, oxygen. This results in lactic acid building around the muscle.

By applying pressure to the area, the massage therapist will then release that lactic acid and make the muscle feel relaxed. This will usually get rid of a lot of pain or discomfort. This can depend on other things, which we will talk about a bit later.

What Should I Do During The Massage?

The first thing that you need to do is to have a medical professional examine you to ensure that this is an option for you. There are certain things that may make you ineligible. If you don’t do this, you risk possibly wasting money.

Once you are there at the massage therapist, be sure that you communicate with them. That does not mean just at the beginning when discussing your condition. Tell them throughout the massage if anything is hurting or if the therapy is ineffective – they will be able to adjust as the session continues.

When Is This Not An Option?

If you are suffering from muscle inflammation, then massage therapy is not the solution for you. You can tell this is the case if your muscle does not relax at all when the massage therapist applies pressure. Also, if you are not seeing results from the first two visits, then it is not likely going to work.

There is a reason why massage has been around for centuries, even millenia. It has many benefits for people of all walks of life – whether they are blue collar workers, white collar ones, or athletes. These patients can get both physical and mental results from spending time with a massage therapist.

The human body can be quite complex – especially the lower back. There are so many things that can cause pain or discomfort. Massage therapy is an excellent option, but you may also have to include things like exercise and stretching and even possibly chiropractic care – back walking is becoming popular again – to ensure that you get the best results for a pain-free back.

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