Deep Tissue Massage in Santa Monica

What is the benefit of Deep tissue massage?

The primary goal of deep tissue massage is to reduce pain and discomfort, while improving the body’s ability to heal itself. Deep tissue massages are not only relaxing — they also help “lengthen and release muscles” that frequently feel tense and get stuck in uncomfortable holding patterns.

Most deep tissue massages normally focus on major muscle group such as the neck or lower back along with joints and tendons that are susceptible to straining or injuries. Certain areas of the body that tend to tense up in times of stress, including the shoulders, neck and hips, can often benefit the most from this type of deep manipulation.

A Deep tissue or sports massage helps with physical treatment to treat pain and disability, improve muscle recovery and joint mobilization and prevent injuries.

Benefits of Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

  1. treats chronic back pain
  2. helps lower high blood pressure
  3. reduces stress , anxiety and muscle tension
  4. breaks up scar tissue
  5. improves athletic recovery and performance
  6. aids with labor pain and delivery
  7. reduces arthritis symptoms

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a deep tissue massage do?

A deep tissue massage targets deep layers of muscles and connective tissue to alleviate tension, reduce pain, and improve mobility. It can help with chronic pain, muscle knots, and postural issues.

Is it good if deep tissue massage hurts?

Deep tissue massage may cause discomfort, but it shouldn’t be excessively painful. Some discomfort is normal as therapists work on tight muscles, but it should be manageable. Communication with the therapist is key to ensure the pressure is appropriate for you.

Who should not get a deep tissue massage?

Individuals with certain medical conditions like blood clotting disorders, recent surgery, or severe osteoporosis should avoid deep tissue massage. Pregnant women should also consult their healthcare provider before receiving this type of massage.

What can I expect from a full body deep tissue massage?

During a full body deep tissue massage, you can expect the therapist to address various muscle groups systematically. They will use firm pressure to release tension, but it should remain within your comfort level. It aims to provide relaxation and relief from muscle tightness.

Do deep tissue massages get rid of knots?

Yes, deep tissue massages can help alleviate muscle knots. The focused pressure and techniques used in a deep tissue massage can break down adhesions and release tension in the muscles, reducing or eliminating knots.

How often should you get a deep tissue massage?

The frequency of deep tissue massages depends on individual needs and goals. For general maintenance and relaxation, once a month may suffice. However, for specific issues or chronic pain, more frequent sessions, such as weekly or bi-weekly, may be recommended initially, then adjusted as needed. Consult with a therapist for personalized guidance.

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