Sophia has been practicing massage therapy for the past 19 years. Her specialty is providing innovative Deep tissue and Sports Massage. She loves her work and is passionate about helping athletes achieve their athletic goals. Sophia loves the challenge of putting together the right customized massage plan for each athlete/client. She has worked with pro basketball, football, hockey, golf. professional stuntmen, pro soccer, baseball, cycle as well as dancers, Pilates, Yoga teachers and Martial Artists. Sophia has trained and practiced over 10 years in martial arts, owned her own martial art/yoga studio. ran the New York Marathon, and trained for the Wildflower triathlon so she knows what it feels like when the body is in intense training and how to help athletes stay on track and reach their goals injury free!

She believes that most injuries or problems occur because connective tissue (myofascia) is tight and restricts range of motion and flexibility of muscle and joints; therefore, connective tissue work and stretching are a must with her massage.

She is also trained in Prenatal massage, Hot stone therapy and loves to incorporate aromatherapy and Thai stretching in her massages at Sacred Splendor.

Sophia enjoys hiking, walking on the beach with her dog Coco, spinning, yoga, and everything outdoors! She also volunteers for Therapeutic horse riding which uses equine-assisted activities for the purpose of contributing positively to cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of autistic children and of adult/veterans with disabilities.

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