Mobile Massage Therapy

Mobile Massage Therapy

Pricing For Mobile Massage Services

60-minute massage: $150

75-minute massage: $185

90-minute massage: $225


How to Find a Mobile Massage Therapist in

Life can get pretty hectic… and it can take quite a toll on your body and mind. One thing you can do to help you get back on track both mentally and physically is: See a massage therapist. They use a variety of treatments and equipment to aid your muscles in healing faster and get your spirit soaring again.

But where can you find one? If you are looking for a mobile massage therapist in California, read on to learn how to locate one.

Your Doctor

 While your primary care doctor would be an excellent person to ask about massage therapy, many doctors need a source of relaxation, so they would be more than glad to point you in the right direction. Most of them have the main goal of keeping their own bodies and minds in the best shape, so they would be excellent sources. Of course, what they like might not be what you like, so trust your own judgement, too.

 An Online Search

Another great place to look is the internet. If you look up “mobile massage therapist near me”, you will get nearly two million results. Look at review sites to see what people are saying about these places – though you may have to sift through them to make sure they are not reviewed by people who work there or are related to the owners. See how close these places are to you, too.

 Family and Friends

 The best sources could be the ones living in your own home or near it. Talk to your family and friends – they may have had excellent results with one massage therapist and can’t wait to recommend him or her to other people. Again, bear in mind that their preferences might differ from yours – the therapist may not have a personality that you like, for example.

It may take a bit of searching, but once you find the right massage therapist, it will all be worth it. You will find yourself feeling relaxed and healthy again and the stresses of the day will melt away. Then you know you are in good hands.

If you live in or near Los Angeles, California area, come to Sacred Splendor. We offer all kinds of services, ranging from deep tissue massages to hot stone therapy to prenatal massages to body scrubs. Give us a call today to make an appointment (310) 406-5568

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it called when a masseuse comes to your house?

When a masseuse comes to your house, it is typically referred to as a “mobile massage” or an “in-home massage service.” This service offers the convenience of receiving therapeutic massage treatments in the comfort of your own home.

What is another name for a mobile massage?

Another name for a mobile massage is an “outcall massage.” This term is commonly used in the massage therapy industry to describe services where the massage therapist travels to the client’s location, whether it be a home, office, or hotel.

Do you tip a mobile massage therapist?

Yes, it is customary to tip a mobile massage therapist. While tipping amounts can vary, a general guideline is to offer a tip similar to what you would give at a spa or salon, often around 15-20% of the total service cost, to show appreciation for their travel and personalized service.

What is the meaning of mobile massage?

Mobile massage refers to a massage service where the therapist travels to the client’s location, instead of the client visiting a massage clinic or spa. This service is designed for convenience and personalized care, allowing clients to receive professional massage therapy in their home, office, or any chosen setting.

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