Health Benefits of Getting Massages


There are many different types of massages – including scalp, full-body or Swedish, lymphatic, deep, sports, and trigger point. It has gone from being something that only the well-to-do would get at their spas to being readily available for all kinds of people at locales that range from a gym to an airport. 

If you are seriously thinking of getting a massage, here are some of the benefits that you can reap. 

Stress Relief

When people think of massage, this is likely the number one reason that they would want to get it. They could want to get it to get respite from anything from a rough day at the office to relationship problems to just general stress. The massage could help them forget those issues for a short amount of time. 

Having massages could possibly help lower blood pressure and their heart rate, two things that, if elevated, could lead to health problems. They could also lead to acting as a sleep aid, since being so relaxed could ease someone into falling asleep much more easily instead of dealing with insomnia.

Pain Relief

Getting a massage to relieve pain is a close second reason for getting one. People who have suffered from certain conditions for years can feel great after a massage. It can be great for those who suffer delayed onset muscle soreness from workouts. 

Improving Circulation

Sometimes all you need is a pair of hands massaging parts of your body to get blood flowing properly. Another benefit is that your level of alertness may improve, which is good for all aspects of your life, including work. 

Improving Your Immune System

One type of massage is called lymphatic massage. This is usually done after some surgery to get the immune system bolstered. You can feel a lot better afterwards.

Like everything else in life, though, there is an element of risk with massage. If too much protein is released after a massage, it can get into your bloodstream. This is called “rhabdo”, and while it is usually mild, there have been cases requiring medical attention. 

This is just a small sample of the areas that massage can improve. Other possible things include relief for digestion issues, fibromyalgia, nerve pain, and pain all over the body, including neck, back, and headaches.

The number of times per week or months you can have these different types of massages can vary. Ask your professional for more advice. Then enjoy the benefits.

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