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Janice B:
Beyond one of the best massages I’ve ever had!!!
First off the room was perfectly cozy, warm, clean, and inviting. All the oils and lotions were vegan and organic so my skin felt incredible after. Not to mention Sophia the masseuse is WONDERFUL and SO accommodating !!! I loved the entire experience and give it an A++!!! Worth every penny! I can’t wait to go back again!

Frank H:
THE BEST MASSAGE I’VE EVER HAD! Sophia is very professional and I was shocked at how great I felt after my first massage with her. My experience was so amazing, that I recently booked my second massage and I plan on going back. I tend to be overly critical of my massage experience. I have often felt cheated in the past by other massage therapists who overcharged for massages that left me feeling the exact same as I did before. With Sophia, your body gets the attention it deserves and you feel like your experience is worth the money you pay. My mind was blown after my first massage when she asked me if I played baseball and had a rotator cuff injury. She was spot on, and it impressed me. She definitely knows what she’s doing. I also recommend the hot stone massage and coconut oil scalp massage. If you are in need of a great massage… Sophia is your therapist!

Steve A:
Amazing Massage! Sophia we fantastic and has a great intuition to find the right places to work on. I have been struggling with an injury and she was extremely helpful to relieve long lasting discomfort. I highly recommend her! You will thoroughly enjoy it!!!

Em B:
Sophia is amazing! She works out of a cozy spot on Main Street that could be a little hard to find if Sophia wasn’t so on top of things. She texted me a detailed description of where her studio was located and where to park. She was so helpful! The massage was great and she uses delicious smelling oils and homemade scrubs. I can’t recommend Sophia enough, she’s so easy to talk to and is such a warm and inviting person. If you want some serious pampering, book an appointment with her!

Alex R:
I booked a massage for my husband’s birthday with Sophia. I did so blindly, mainly due to her high reviews. I’m so happy and relieved that everyone was right! My husband said to me, more than once, that this was the best birthday ever and that his back felt so good!! Sophia is such a sweetheart, after finding out it was his birthday, she threw in a free hand/foot scrub! I highly recommend her. Thank you for relieving my husband’s back pain and making his birthday wonderful!

Sophia is awesome and SUPER nice and provided an experience that went above and beyond my expectations! I say that as someone who’s been to a lot of masseuses, so I have experience to back this up! =) Her studio is located in a cozy, quiet spot in Santa Monica, and she provides a very soothing, relaxing and healing experience. I would HIGHLY recommend the hot stone massage, and, while you’re at it, the coconut oil scalp massage and hand/foot scrub, it’s the best!

Sophia is doing the work she was sent here to do. I have fibromyalgia which means chronic pain in the muscles and joints. A good massage is like heaven on earth. A bad massage is hell. We worked together which is easy as Sophia is highly intuitive. And it seemed to be so much more than a massage. Sophia has a cozy charming studio off Main Street in Santa Monica. In addition to using hot stones that are warming and comforting, she does a hand and foot scrub and scalp massage using organic high quality products. Besides feeling ever so much better, I felt totally pampered. Sophia is a healer. And I will be returning to her as often as is possible.

Traci S:
I have had many massages from Sophia over the past 5 years, so I feel especially qualified to highly recommend her! I am also trained in massage therapy, so I know quality bodywork when I feel it. Sophia is very intuitive, so she just “knows” where I need more soothing, gentle touch and where I need deeper work. She offers such a great variety of massage therapy modalities from Swedish, Sports, to Deep Tissue, and even does aromatherapy and body scrubs! She’s a very open person, non-judgemental, and easy to talk to. I always feel rejuvenated and incredible after each massage. Simply put, she has a healing touch!

Sophia is a gem – I had an amazing hot stone massage on my birthday and she treated me so well! The pressure of her massage depends on what you need and I honestly felt the effects of her massage weeks later, which is something I don’t usually get from other places. Truly a gifted, special person = go try her out!

It is more than worth it.

T C.
Heaven on earth. I have been fortunate to have massages at the very best spas all around the world.

Nobody does it better than Sophia. Be prepared to experience the best massage you have ever had.

Sophia is amazing! Whether you want a deep tissue massage, Swedish or some hybrid, she can adapt and make it an hour or two you will want to repeat whenever you can.

Try her once and give her feedback. You will go back again, again, and again.

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