The Restorative Power of a CBD Massage

Massages are a holistic treatment method that has proven effects for centuries. It is well-known that massage therapy has positive effects on health and wellness. It is a gentle method of giving the body the support it needs to heal. However, CBD is a newcomer to the wellness scene. Several members of the holistic wellness community have included CBD in their everyday routines to ease physical and mental tension and support the mind and body. As a result, the combination of the two becomes CBD massages. The newest massage therapy trend combines two of the finest wellness products for those who want additional relief. So here is all you need to know about the restorative power of a CBD massage. Keep reading to learn why you should trust the power of a massage combined with CBD oils.

What is CBD?

The Cannabis sativa plant contains the naturally occurring substance CBD. Cannabis is a plant genus with various chemicals that may have multiple physiological effects. Marijuana and hemp are two distinct cannabis species. Two of the substances present in such plants are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). The THC content of marijuana is higher, while the CBD content is lower.

In contrast, hemp has lower THC levels and higher CBD levels. However, CBD has no psychotropic effects compared to THC, which does. Therefore, that is the main distinction between the two substances.

What makes CBD massages different?

A CBD massage is almost identical to a regular massage. The only difference is that CBD body balms and oils are used instead of regular massage oil. The fact that these oils are applied to specific regions of the body and then absorbed through the skin gives them the additional name of CBD topicals, which refers to their application method.

As a result, when applying CBD oil to the body as a massage, the skin will absorb it, allowing CBD to work its therapeutic benefits. The physiological processes, including muscle relaxation, pain alleviation, reduced anxiety, and more, will be enhanced by deep tissue massage in addition to the absorption of CBD oil. Massages with CBD oil are exceptional because they have therapeutic benefits by focusing on specific receptors. CBD massage oil will enter the bloodstream to provide the best health benefits. However, regular massage is necessary to enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of CBD oil.

How does the restorative power of a CBD massage work?

Antioxidants found in abundance in CBD help to combat free radicals, heal UV damage, and protect against environmental toxins. They can also significantly enhance massages by “jazzing” their therapeutic effects and bringing forth a fresh sensation of relaxation. However, many other benefits come with a CBD massage and its restorative power, and here are a few of them:

Boost your mood

Endorphins, generally known as feel-good chemicals, are released during a massage as the brain responds positively to pleasant human contact. That is also why a hug from a close friend or loved one may improve your mood. Your body will release the same endorphins while hugging or caressing someone you care about. However, thanks to your massage therapist’s healing touch, you will feel the same relief and enjoy endorphin release.

Furthermore, a massage is likely to leave you feeling quite peaceful within. You could experience both physical and emotional relaxation. And as a result, facing life’s obstacles will be much simpler when you’re less tense.

For instance, if you are suffering from work-related stress or are in recovery from substance abuse caused by it, you can keep stress at bay using simple daily habits that are healthy for the mind and body. A CBD massage can be one of those healthy habits that can keep you on the right track.

Improve sleep

The same endorphins that boost mood may also help you sleep better. If you’ve ever struggled to sleep while feeling nervous in both your body and thoughts, you know how difficult it is. You need to let go of all the stress you’re holding in and calm your thoughts to fall asleep.

Fortunately, your body can move from an alert to a more relaxed state by releasing serotonin during a CBD massage. As a result, you’ll probably fall asleep like a baby after getting one. In truth, you can feel like you’re sinking into your pillow when you combine serotonin, CBD, and melatonin.

Relieve pain

Massages with CBD oil are excellent for those with chronic pain. That is, since CBD has an excellent track record for reducing pain. Individuals with severe back pain have reported that incorporating CBD into their massage oil provides relief they wouldn’t get from a typical massage. Furthermore, CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever, excellent for recovery after intense exercise.

Make your skin glow

Your skin will look refreshed and younger thanks to a massage with CBD oil, which also helps to rejuvenate skin cells. Furthermore, it helps prevent skin infections from occurring from a dermatological perspective. CBD massages promote recovery from skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis by increasing blood flow through which the skin absorbs oxygen and nutrients.

Reduce anxiety

A massage with CBD oil may also be helpful if you frequently experience anxiety. A massage could be the best way to use CBD oil, which is praised for its capacity to lessen the signs and symptoms of anxiety. A CBD oil massage is ideal for relaxing and calming down, as the benefits can last up to two hours.

Final thoughts

You receive all the advantages of a conventional massage combined with the addition of a strong, active substance that collaborates with your therapist to accelerate your healing when you have a CBD-infused massage. It is a cost-effective method to enhance the therapeutic benefits of a massage. Therefore, don’t hesitate and schedule your massage today to feel the full restorative power of a CBD massage. We can guarantee that you won’t regret it!

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